First week is school is over and it went very smoothly. Looks like a really good group of students this year and I know with the help of parents and guardians this will be a very successful year!.

First quiz for both 7th and 8th grade will be this coming Friday, 24 Aug (see the 7th and 8th grade page for more information). There are important study guides on the same page that I have put links with the answers.

Lastly, in order for students to do experiments and activities in our science lab they must have a "Lab Contract" turned in signed by both parent/guardian and student. They will be given the paper on Monday to bring home, if you do not receive it there is a blue link below that you can print out a copy. Experiments are age appropriate for middle school students. I will be the only one handling any "potentially" dangerous chemicals , and then they will only be used as demonstrations.


Candace Mills
08/20/2012 9:36am

Just checked out the website Mr. Williams..Love it!. I just printed out the Lab Contract-----Then read you post! Best of luck to you this year.
Candi Mills
(Connor Mills)

brandon ake
08/20/2012 9:42am

how many tests do we take this year

Michael Williams
08/20/2012 6:00pm

Maybe 4 or 5 not counting the pre and post test

08/20/2012 11:03am

Hey Mr. William Its Shel BayBay Just Letting You Know I Love your Class ANd I Need Extrayyyy Workk Well By Thankz See You In Class Tomorrow!

Michael Williams
08/20/2012 6:02pm

work, work work, thats all I hear is how much work you all want... :-) Hopefuly when we start doing Discovery Ed, you will not even know you are working.

08/20/2012 5:00pm

it was fun

Michael Williams
08/20/2012 6:04pm

one week and one "fun" Just need 35 more "fun's" (35 weeks to go)

Kandyce Savee (Brianna & Devin Rhoades)
08/20/2012 7:47pm

Mr. Williams,
I just looked at your website this evening, and I wanted to let you know how much I like it. I am glad to see that you are so adamant about keeping not only the students informed, but also the parents. Too many times teachers rely on students to verbally pass along messages and class updates to their parents. However, that does not always take place. I think that teachers should follow this pattern for the sake of everyone. I like that my girls can see what is going on in class from home as well as myself being able to view what is going on.

Kandyce Savee

Michael Williams
08/20/2012 8:17pm

Thanks for the positive feedback! I truly believe that keeping parents involved in their child's education is extremely important and will make a tremendous difference. The website is still a work in progress and any suggestions to improve it are highly appreciated.

zachary kemp aka kemp#9
08/22/2012 4:55pm

wat we doin tomorrow

Michael Williams
08/22/2012 9:04pm

Making Safety posters

09/05/2012 5:08am

will we be going to the lab this week?


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