Results of the first quiz was overall very good except for students in my first and 4th periods. The main reason for the lower grades in these classes was that a high percentage of students did not have their "Super Scientist" worksheet, which could have been used for the quiz. Nonetheless, their were a lot of positives overall that we can build on in the coming weeks.
   We will starting Discovery Education this week. Parents, you can access your child's account with their login and password. You can see their assignments and results of most quizzes (although not the last one). If they do not finish their work in class they can do so at home.


10/31/2012 11:43am

My class did pretty awesome, considering that I'm in it!

Michael Williams
10/31/2012 4:13pm

yes, we got all awesome classes this year with awesome students, and you are a big part of all that awesomeness!


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