Just finished the first day of school and i am really excited about this year. I have decided on my goal : to have my student be so engaged and interested in what we are doing in class that they do not even realize they are learning!  As I get more and more comfortable applying the potential of  Discovery Education (DE) in my everyday lessons, I know that this is the future direction of student learning in primary and secondary schools. The days of teaching by lecturing, reading and extracting notes out of books, doing endless worksheets, and assessing by memorizing "facts" are a thing of the past. Students should be able to understand complex concepts and think through the answer by applying what they have learned.

I do ask a favor of parents, I can only do so much in a school setting, I need your support in being an active participant in your child's education. With DE you can see exactly what your child is learning, the work they are doing and have finished, and the results of their quizzes and tests. There are many ways that you can assist by using DE. Please visit on the links that I have posted for more info. If you have any questions please e-mail me or comment in this blog and I will respond.


08/15/2012 6:01am

This site is great! I am excited to use it this year. I like to stay abreast of what my kids are learning. This tool takes all of the guess work out of it. I don't have to rely on my son's scattershot organizational habits to keep up with test dates and projects. Thank you for this Mr. Williams!

zachary kemp
08/15/2012 3:38pm

hay wat r we doin tomorrow

Michael Williams
08/15/2012 7:45pm

The Gizmo

shannon jo whitfield
08/16/2012 8:17am

Riley seems to be excited about 7th grade and the new challenges it brings. He loves science,especially weather and meterology. Thank you for this website. Gives parents the opportunity to keep up with whats going on in case the kids "forget". Much appreciated.

Judy Williams
08/22/2012 3:31am

Mr. Williams, the site you have created for your students and parents is excellent. The ability to keep current and abreast of everything that is a part of your everyday classroom such as needed supplies, homework and class work assignments, grades, and study materials will certainly enhance student growth and achievement in science. What a excellent way to infuse technology into learning. I hope you and your students have an exciting, successful year!

Sara Joe Wooten
08/22/2012 6:08am

What a wonderful way to inform parents and students of short and long term assignments, provide opportunities to explore and question, and keep everyone current with your blogs. Kudos to you for being innovative and industrious!


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