Students should have the following for our science class:
- Notebook (spiral or composition) for their journal
- Three ring notebook (to put the returned work and any handouts in)
- Pencil or pen
- Paper
This year I will be doing most of my correspondence using this website, which is for both students and parents. The site is divided into three basic parts, which can be accessed by clicking on the tabs on the top of this page. First there is what we are doing in each grade (7th and 8th) that will show what we are working on, links to the Discovery Education and/or Gizmo website, and when upcoming quizzes, tests will occur, and when any projects and homework is due.
Next is the General Info page, which will list things such as class rules, discipline, supplies, grading rubric, along with my bio. In addition, it will discuss how our "online" Discovery Education techbook works and why it is a better way to tech science instead of obsolete textbooks.
Finally, there is my "blog". What is a "blog"? It is my online journal about what is going on in our classroom listing entries in reverse chronological order For example, I will put this entry in my blog. Furthermore you (students and parents) can leave comments or question for any entry I post. Remember that any entry you post will be seen by other students and parents, so be respectful of that.
I hope with the addition of this site that we all can work together to make this the best year ever!